Monday, January 2, 2012

Practice what I preach? Not yet.

Ever since I heard Cynthia Tobias talk about strong willed children on Focus on the Family last week my heart has really be focusing on my speech with my son. He is a strong willed child and I believe it will serve him well. I think it will make him a leader and not a follower. I believe he won't just follow what others do without questioning it. He is a questioner and that is wonderful...except when you are trying to parent him. However, I believe that God is speaking to my heart and wanting me to soften my speech with him. This was confirmed again to day when I read about the gentleness challenge. I have decided to participate in this challenge. I will keep you updated. I would ask for your prayers as I work toward being a more gentle mother and hopefully it will help me to me a more gentle person in general.

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