Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I pray

I pray that tomorrow will be a better day with my child. I can feel myself getting frustrated with my son more than I should. He is such a smart kid that sometimes I forget that he is only five years old. For example, today he was down stairs while I worked out and he wanted to play in my spot but I wouldn't let him. So he decided he was going to move his basketball goal to the other side of the room but couldn't do it so I had to stop and do it for him. Then I told him that I was going to start working out and that he was going to have to stay upstairs with his dad. So he said he was going upstairs alone. I felt horrible and hugged on him a little but he still went upstairs. Lord, help me to treat others as you have treated me. Help me especially to treat the ones I love the way you have treated me. I don't get what I deserve from you. I do get correction but it is done with gentleness help me to learn how to speak with gentleness especially in my moments of frustration. In Jesus precious name I pray.

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