Tuesday, May 29, 2012

God Even Speaks When You're Cleaning Up Vomit

After a wonderful weekend with family we made it home late in the evening last night.  All was well and Robert and I went to bed.  Around 1:30a.m. I was awakened by my husband with "we threw up."  So I get and go into my son's room and sure enough he had thrown up.  So I proceeded to clean up the vomit and think about how much my husband owed me.  Then God spoke.  He reminded me of my Facebook friends who were mourning the loss of their children.  He reminded me that those parents would be willing to trade places with me.  To have the honor of cleaning up their child's vomit.  I am truly blessed even while cleaning up vomit for two reasons.  One I still have a child that is with me and still needs me to take care of his needs and two God speaks to me. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Made It

Well I decided a couple of months ago to start running.  Now mind you I have never been a runner.  I ran because I had to in other sports but I did not run for the sake of running.  In fact when I would see people running I would joke with my husband "I wonder what is chasing them."  Well now I am one of them.  I ran my first 5K this weekend and no I did not finish last.  In fact I was mid pack which I thought was great considering the front 20 our so were obvious runners.  My goal was to run the entire race.  I didn't really care about where I finished so long as I was not dead last.  Praise God for the people that were walking or walk/running.  I am now addicted to running.  I love that feeling of completing a race, crossing the fininsh line.  I am running in another 5k race this weekend and will begin training for a mini marathon in September.  I will probably run more 5Ks between now and then and may run a couple of other mini marathons after September.