Sunday, January 15, 2012


I haven't been as faithful to this blog as I had hoped but I'm more faithful than I was on my last attempt at blogging.  I have been faithful in some things which now seem to be more habit than anything else.  I still workout 6 days per week.  My P90X goes with me or when I'm at my mom and dad's house I use my brother's P90X dvds.  I'm still eating well.  I splurge every now and then by adding cheese to a subway sub when I need more calories or the other day I had chicken and mushroom pizza.  I haven't had my McDonald's sweet tea in two months.  (I've heard a rumor that the McDonald's is closing maybe there is a connection.)  My last adventure has been my dress.  I have focused on dressing more modestly and more feminine.  I haven't worn pants since Tuesday and have enjoyed my skirts.  I bought new shoes today to go with my skirts since I've been wearing nothing but one pair of boots since then.  I'm still letting my hair grow out.  My husband even commented that I need a hair cut.  I haven't started my reading through the Bible in a year but will start with an online group on January 30 and will read through the Bible in 90 days.  Someone said that they could do it in 90 days because by the time you get to the point of wanting to quit your almost done. 

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