Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolution Update-Reading the Bible

I so wanted to read through the Bible in a year. I had my reading plan all printed out and was ready to check off each day as I completed the reading. Then I read another blog. It was about a seven year old who decided to read through the Bible. There was no plan, no check marks on her printed sheet of days, no open declaration on Facebook or a blog. She just started at the beginning and read. Not on some pre-made schedule created by someone else but she just read. Isn't it so like adults to make something more difficult than it has to be. I remember a story that a professor told back in law school. It was about a class in which a parent had been forced to bring a child because of some issue. Well the class was a contracts class and the professor discussed a dispute and asked the class what they would do. Well all you could hear was crickets, nothing, no profound answers until a little hand went up in the back. Having no other hands the professor figured why no so he called on the child. And the child said "I'd say I'm sorry." So simple and yet likely never thought of by any person in that room including the professor...we make things much harder than the need to be. So I will read through the Bible in a year but I will do it like a child would. I will do it with passion, with focus, with plan that God puts on my heart after prayer, and I will be faithful in my reading.

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