Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Have you ever had one of those moments in life when God is speaking so clearly to you to do something that it seems like everywhere you turn the message is there.  I have been hearing that message from God about modesty for a few days now.  It seems that everywhere I turn and everything I do seems to direct me toward modesty.  I've seen it talked about on several blogs, it was even on the radio last night, and then the same women was on blog this morning totally unrelated to the radio program.  Plus when I went to Goodwill and looked for some new skirts I found several and they were on sale.  I was able to purchase 5 skirts, 2 shirts and 1 cardigan for $13 and some change.  It was as if everything fell right into place.  Plus I received a gift card from my dad for Christmas and when my parents switch over to a different satellite provider they will receive a $200.00 gift card and I will get half of it since I gave them the coupon.  How awesome is that. 

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