Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have been reading another blog and have been considering some changes.  I'm not sure if I can follow through with those changes or if God even wants me to follow through with the changes.  My fellow blogger was talking about how she doesn't cut her hair, always wears modest clothes, and doesn't wear makeup.  I wonder what my spiritual life would be like if I followed that same path.  If I quit worrying about my appearance so much and started wearing more modest clothing.  It's not that I wear skimpy clothes but I d wear short skirts and dress and pants.  I also have shirts that I have to pay attention to because of revealing too much when I bend over.  I may just follow through with this change for a season.  If I do I must do it with the right heart.  I must do it as a way to honor God.  I will pray about what I should do.

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