Friday, August 17, 2012

I Did It

           I have been thinking about deactivating my Facebook account for a while and yesterday I did it.  Just like that no announcement, nothing just went in and deactivated.  It is so liberating.  I'm not checking umpteen times a day for updates from people who I have no significant relationship with.  The people that I am truly interest in hearing from I can contact by phone, email or through their blog.  A few people have commented on my husbands page that they would miss my daily thankful post which I am continuing in a journal.  So why did I deactivate because I had so many "friends" that I truly had not interest in hearing about but did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by deleting them as friends.  Call me lazy but I also didn't want to go through all of my friends and take them off the news feed.  Finally, I spent a lot of time looking at stuff that was for sale even though I don't need anything and haven't bought anything in a long time.  I'm not sure whether this is a permanent deactivation or a temporary one, all I can really say is that right now it feels like it is a permanent deactivation. 

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