Monday, August 13, 2012

Changes in our Home

As a parent I'm always seeking to do better in my parenting.  Lately, I know there has been a struggle when it comes to parenting.  Since about Thursday of last week we have struggled with temper tantrums in our home.  Temper tantrums aren't exactly what you want to see from your five year old, who keeps throwing temper tantrums.  So what is a mother to do.  First, we've cut out the enormous amounts of sugar that he is taking in during the day.  You know fruit snacks, fruit by the food, juice boxes etc.  Second, we are getting rid of the clutter.  Well it's more than that we are actually downsizing our lives.  We're getting rid of things without meaning and keep the things with meaning.  Since I'm not very sentimental that should be fairly easy to do.  Third, we've turned off the television, computer, and phone.  We are living in a world that has to much focus on electronics.  I know I'm guilty of checking my email too often at home.  I'm too connected with Facebook, you repeatedly checking to see if anything has happened since the last time I looked five minutes ago.  Fourth, we're trying an earlier bedtime.  We may not be asleep at 8:00 but we're going to try to be in bed by 8:00.  Last but not least we're going to work on using this time as a learning experience.  We're going to talk about character traits and work on developing them.  I'll update you on how things are working. 

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